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John Cho

John Yohan Cho is a Korean American Actor best known as playing Harold in the Harold and Kumar film series, as well as playing helmsman Hikaru Sulu in 2009's Star Trek.  John Cho began working after appearing as a print model for Korean Magainzes, and made his first film appearance in the 1999 raunch comedy American Pie, a film in which Cho's character popularized the now infamous term MILF.   Cho's TV Credits include a recurring role in Fox's Kitchen Confidential and in the TV series FlashForward as a FBI Special Agent, a role which he was intended to be killed off from before getting a reprieve due to his newfound Star Trek fame. Cho also is the lead singer in his band Viva La Union and had their song Chinese Baby featured on the Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay soundtrack.

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Fecha de Nacimiento:
Jun 16, 1972 En Seoul - South Korea
Primer personaje en:
series The Men's Room
Último personaje en:
Pelí Online Columbus 2017-08-04
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