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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ned Thomas Beatty (born July 6, 1937) is an American actor who has appeared in more than 100 films and has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award; and has won a Drama Desk Award. These nominations stemmed from his performances in films and TV series like Network (1976), Friendly Fire (1979), Last Train Home (1990), Hear My Song (1991) and the adaptation movie "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (2004). He has had great commercial success in memorable roles such as the executive Bobby Trippe in Deliverance (1972), Tennessee lawyer Delbert Reese in Nashville (1975), general attorney Dardis in All the President's Men (1976), the priest Edwards in Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977), Lex Luthor's henchman Otis in Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980), Bates' right hand man Sydney Morehouse in The Toy (1982), twice characters Borisov and Pavel Petrovic in The Fourth Protocol (1987), TV presenter Ernest Weller in Repossessed (1990), Rudy Ruettiger's father in Rudy (1993), detective McNair in Just Cause (1995), Ray and Claude's warden/employer Dexter Wilkins in Life (1999), the simple sheriff in Where the Red Fern Grows (2003), the corrupt Senator Charles F. Meachum in Shooter (2007), United States Congressman Doc Long in Charlie Wilson's War (2007) and the voice of antagonist Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear in Toy Story 3 (2010). Description above from the Wikipedia article Ned Beatty, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.

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Fecha de Nacimiento:
Jul 6, 1937 En Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Primer personaje en:
series Friendly Fire
Último personaje en:
Pelí Online The Big Ask 2014-05-30
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